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Key Features of Decraftables


With the server running Minecraft v1.12.2, you can easily expect most of the features you can see in newer versions of Minecraft.


Because the server needs less resources than the average Minecraft server, the performace is perfect for you to be able to play with no interruptions.

Friendly Community and Responsive Staff

Friendly communities are sometimes hard to create, but with players like you it's possible. We also have responsive staff, in case someone breaks the rules

Economy TOP

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Server Total: $105,316,445.31
1. Beef, $103,042,134.40
2. JohnnyPVP, $729,690.90
3. S_A_Correia, $654,274.30
4. LucianaM, $100,092
5. melonisreallybad, $93,162.40
6. MielMathers, $58,422.90
7. LyrNeodymium, $7,985.90
8. wizardz4lyf, $6,807.10

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Yes, of course. You are invited to join us at https://discord.gg/rQPm6MS

Feel free to use in-game command /report or contact us at support@decraftables.com

No Griefing - raiding, damaging, stealing, breaking or placing blocks within others homes or building areas is strictly prohibited. This applies to seemingly abandoned builds too. If it's not yours or public, don't touch it.

No Client Mods/Exploits/Hacks - client modifications (other than Optifine) or exploits to the game are strictly prohibited. (flying, Forge, Lightloader, speedhacks, X-ray, duplication of items, afk mining, KillAura...)

No Advertising/Spam - no advertising servers/websites/mods using signs, banners, in chat, messages.

Common sense/maturity - this is a game which we want to enjoy. Be respectful, have fun, don't rage, don't participate in drama, don't harass people, mind the server conventions, etc.

Please, use English in chat. Speaking in different languages might get you muted.

PVP is enabled, but you are not allowed to TPKill. You must ask the player before you want to PVP with someone; this, however doesn't apply to PVP arena.

Don't AFK for extended periods of time - please, disconnect. You will be kicked after some time.

Don't cause lag with excessive TNT, entities (farm harvests, ore mining), etc. Players who create builds with the intent to lag or crash the server will be banned.

Ask before building in a town or near anyone else's area. Anyone can claim an area by using /claim. Unless you have explicit permission, keep builds at least 100 - 250 blocks away from your neighbors.

Staff impersonation is prohibited.

Ban evasion will be punished with a permanent ban and/or IP ban.

Auto-clickers (software or hardware) or anything related is prohibited.

Staff and Players harassment of ANY kind can be punished with perma-ban.

Our server relies on your donations. You can get VIP by donating whatever amount you'd like, but to get VIP, you need to donate at least $2. For each $1 of donation you'll get 2 months of VIP.

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